Flower of the Week: Carnations

Flower of the Week: Carnations

We are another week into gardening season and I am very excited to share more information about this week’s flower. Carnations, in my opinion, are highly underrated for as beautiful and hardy as they are. These carnations were grown from Floret Flower Farm seeds, which I was so happy to hear how many people were excited to know that I had started carrying flowers grown from their seeds. You know if it came from Floret, it’s going to be beautiful!

Carnations are an annual flower that grow up to 30” tall. The beauty of these carnations in particular is their unique coloring, how much they bloom and their vase life. These flowers will provide lots of blooms all summer long, even from the smallest bed of plants. 

How to Plant

From seeds

Indoors - Seeds can be planted into trays 10-12 weeks before the last frost.

From Seedlings

Seedlings can be planted in your garden after the danger of frost has gone. Space seedlings 6-9” apart in full sun. 


Carnations can be harvested when 1 to 2 flowers on a spray are open. Carnation stems can topple over from the weight of the flower, so it is important to harvest them regularly, or provide some support for their blooms. 

Carnations can last up to 2 weeks in a vase. 

Carnations carried at Petal & Stem

Carnation Chabaud Benigna

Carnation Chabaud Aurora

Carnation Chabaud Orange Sherbet

Carnation Chabaud La France


To learn more about the extensive research, trials and success of Floret’s carnation growing, read their blog post here.

All photos are from Floret. 

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