Airplane Plant

Airplane Plant

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The Airplane, or spider. plant is among the most popular (and easiest to grow) of all hanging or trailing houseplants. While these exceptionally hardy plants will survive in less than perfect conditions, in perfect conditions they are stunning.

Size - 6"

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Care Instructions


In terms of light, they are undemanding. Spider plants prefer bright light and tend toward scorching in direct sunlight. However, they will grow in conditions ranging from semi-shady to partial direct sun.


Spider plants like fast-draining, well-aerated potting mix. 


You should water them liberally through the summer and mist them occasionally. During winter, cut watering back.

Temperature and Humidity

When it comes to temperature, do not let them fall below 50 F or expose them to cold drafts.


Feed them weekly during the summer with liquid fertilizer or use pellets at the beginning of the growing season.

Potting and Repotting

Although it is a fast-growing plant, spider plants do not need yearly repotting as most of their growing energy is directed toward producing plantlets. Repot in spring if the root ball protrudes above the rim of the pot.

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