Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

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Ficus elastica, also known as a rubber plant, is an odd-looking plant from the tropics of Southeast Asia with huge, soft leaves and an exotic name. 

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Care Instructions


F. elastica requires bright, filtered light and can tolerate morning sun. Plants that are kept too dark will become leggy, lose their lower leaves, and the color will become dull instead of glossy and vibrant.


As for soil, any good, fast-draining potting soil will likely do.


Water frequently. This plant needs to be kept steadily moist. It is vulnerable to excessive dryness.


Feed the plant a weak liquid fertilizer throughout the growing season. They are relatively heavy feeders when healthy.

Potting and Repotting

This ficus grows fairly quickly under good conditions and will need to be repotted every year until the plant reaches its desired size. Larger plants can be difficult to repot, so if you cannot move the container, scrape off a few inches of potting media and replace it with new potting soil. Some experts recommend only lightly fertilizing indoor plants to prevent stretching and plants becoming root-bound because they grow too fast.

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