Agave Quadricolor

Agave Quadricolor

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Agave Quadricolor plants are succulents with large leaves that end in spiny tips. 

Size - 4"

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Care Instructions


Agave plants prefer a spot with full sun, but they can tolerate a little shade. The hotter the climate is, the more shade they can handle.


Agave plants will tolerate any well-draining soil, but their preference is rocky or sandy soil. Poor soil drainage can lead to root rot, which can kill a plant.


Mature agave plants are very drought tolerant. You generally only need to water them if you've had a long stretch without rainfall and the soil is completely dry. However, when you are first establishing a plant, water it every four or five days for the first month. Then, water once a week, gradually spacing watering to every other week, depending on rainfall.

Temperature and Humidity

Most agaves prefer a climate with low humidity. High humidity can lead to crown rot on a plant.


Feeding typically isn't necessary for agave plants. In fact, feeding encourages flowering, which you don’t want to happen too soon because most agave plants die after flowering.

Potting and Repotting

Plan to repot your agave plant every couple of years with new soil. If the pot is overcrowded with roots, go ahead and cut the roots back. Then, give the plant a week or so to adjust before you water it again.

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